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  • Obtain ATEX MED certifications
  • Intrinsically safe used for hazardous marine activities environment
  • Suitable for explosive environments in Zones 1 and 2
  • ≥10 working hrs over 0.75cd(standard required 8hrs)
  • AUTO water-activated could manually turn on/off while in water
  • Flashing type
  • ATEX grade: II 2 G Ex ia IIC T3 Gb
  • Unique self- float design


LNK-LSL-3A lifejacket light is intrinsically safe light to be installed on all kinds of life jackets. The products are SOLAS MED approved and also certified by ATEX.
The Marking is“    II 2G Ex ia ⅡC T3 Gb”-35℃≤Ta≤65℃ which represents:
“II”=Group II Non-mining equipment use for applications other than mines.
“2”=Category 2 (Zone 1 2)
“Ex”=The equipment was fulfills current EN standard.
“ia”=Intrinsic safety with “very high” protection level.
“IIC”= IIC goup explosive gas typical gas is hydrogen.
“T3”=The maximum surface temperature is 200℃.
“Gb”=Equipment for explosive gas atmospheres having a “high” Level of Protection which is not a source of ignition in normal operation or during expected malfunctions .
Ambient Temperature is -35℃≤Ta≤65℃

They are suitable for hazardous marine activity applications such as offshore drill platform oil tanks etc.
The lights are automatically water activated. when the water sensors of the light contact the water. The light will automatically activate and keep outputting the flashing white light which can uninterruptedly indicate the survivors` location to increase the success rate of rescue. They can be manually turned off and turned on while the water sensors contact with water. The lights can self-float on the water because of the structure design.


Technical parameter   Specification
Battery Lithium battery
Light source LONAKO patented LED
Chromaticity White
Function Flashing
Flash Frequency 50~70times/min
Luminous Intensity ≥
Operation Life ≥10h over 0.75cd under flashing status
Storing Temperature -35℃ ~ +65℃
Working Temperature -1℃ ~ +30℃
Expiry Date 5years
Weight 33g(including buckle)
Dimension Main body:62*28*31mm
buckle: 61.2*9.5*11.7mm
Activation Water-activation automatically on
/ manual on & off (in water)
  Performance Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof, Water-proof, Dust-proof
Environment Performance Meet RoHS and asbestos-free requirement
Standards MSC.81(70) as amended
EN 60079-0 :2012    EN 60079-11 :2012
Certifications MED & ATEX
Ex Marking II 2G Ex ia ⅡC T3 Gb (Zone 1,2)

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