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Daniamant is proud to present a new internal lifeboat light to accompany the existing SL-400 external lifeboat light. The addition of the SL-500 internal lifeboat light will assist in Customers moving towards a higher quality, longer lasting and more robust technology than the older existing product ranges.

The SL-500 is a high quality internal Lifeboat Light designed to build on the very successful SL-400 introduced last year. It is designed to be fitted on motorised survival craft and to be connected to the craft‘s 12v electrical system. The SL-500 Lifeboat Light uses the latest advances in LED technology. It features very low current consumption and enhanced reliability.

The product comes with a standard 4 metres length of cable which can be cut down to suit the craft‘s requirement.With the SL-400 and SL-500 you have a full solution for any survival craft.

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Use stainless steel screws, mounting must be on a flat surface. Connect the cable to the external power-supply (10-30v DC), observing the correct polarity. Dimension details can be found on our Technical Data Sheet for more information.

Polar Code
The SL-500 has been tested against the Polar Code to -52 C for use in polar regions.

Major Benefits

  • SOLAS approved
  • Sealed, robust small and compact
  • 10-30v DC external power
  • Flange mount with cable entry hole
  • >0.5 Candela light intensity (average 5.3 cd)


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