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The Latest L90 LED from Daniamant replaces the popular L90 with updated LED technology. This new version uses modern technology making it safer for the environment, especially during disposal and can be freely imported and exported within the EU. The L90 LED meets all the latest legislation whilst retaining the previous popular form, so no new brackets or fixings are required to replace the older models installed on vessels.

Please note when removing the insulating tab from the battery version, the tab maybe between the batteries and not visible when initially opening the unit by unscrewing the top dome.

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The original L90 product is obsolete, however spares are still available. The new L90 LED is now available to replace the original L90 and is compatible with the original L90, so there is no need to change your fitted bracket.

Major Benefits

  • Exceeds the IMO SOLAS regulations
  • Min. standard: 2cd output
  • Min. standard: 2 hour duration
  • Lasts for days!
  • Robust and reliable


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